Agent Blue
Ten Years Of Pop Tension: The Truth
posted on 20th February 2004
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Hell's bells this is turning out to be some year. Hot on the heels of Death Cab For Cutie's cracking UK tour in February fierce panda now moves into celebratory overdrive with its tenth birthday hoo-har. To celebrate this event we have invented the phrase 'ten years of pop tension' and we are having a very little birthday party at ISLINGTON BAR ACADEMY with a slew of up-and-coming kittens such as AGENT BLUE + THE ATLANTIC DASH + YOUTH MOVIE SOUNDTRACK STRATEGIES playing on FRIDAY MARCH 5th. More details are over at www.clubfandango.co.uk and tickets are on sale now for ?6.00 a pop from ticketweb stargreen and wayahead.

Not only that but we also cobbled together some old tunes we found lying around behind the office sofa. The cobbling resulted in a compact disc artefact called ?decade: ten years of fierce panda? and we liked what we heard so much we have decided to release it to you the panda public on MARCH 1ST 2004. The tracklisting looks very muchly like this:

ASH ?Punkboy?; SUPERGRASS ?Caught By The Fuzz?; THE BLUETONES ?No. 11?; PLACEBO ?Bruise Pristine?; KENICKIE ?Come Out 2nite?; 3 COLOURS RED ?This Is My Hollywood?; EMBRACE ?All You Good Good People?; LO-FIDELITY ALLSTARS ?Diamonds Are Forever?; IDLEWILD ?Chandelier?; SEAFOOD ?Porchlight?; COLDPLAY ?Brothers & Sisters?; HUNDRED REASONS ?Cerebra?; BRIGHT EYES ?Arienette?; EASYWORLD ?Hundredweight?; THE MUSIC ?Take The Long Road And Walk It?; THE POLYPHONIC SPREE ?Soldier Girl?; WINNEBAGO DEAL ?Manhunt?; SIX BY SEVEN ?Bochum (Light Up My Life)?; DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE ?Tiny Vessels?; KEANE ?This Is The Last Time?.

So there you go then. 20 original rare sexy fierce panda choooons coming at you in an HMV superduperstore for the princely sum of ?9.99. Watch out for edifying panda features in The Times Time Out The Sunday Times and lots of other fanzines / websites / other publications without ?Time? in the title like Record Collector and Teletext and Bullitt and City Life and suchlike.


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