Capital Get Ready To Loch!
posted on 23rd June 2009
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The Vague Truth: capital live by the seaside. They consist of Nick Webb (vocals), Joel Roberts (keyboards / vocals), James Moir (bass), Mike Dawson (guitar) and Daniel Thorpe (drums). Together they make broodingly sensitive mini-epics painstakingly forged from the best bits of the early '80s, the coolest parts of the early 00s and some spare melodic shrapnel found lying around in the corner of the studio. In the spring of 2009 they released a six-track mini-album and in the summer of 2009 they will be travelling around Scotland at the behest of Athlete ‚ full dates below ‚ on their way to the wilds of Suffolk for the Latitude Festival.

'Days And Nights Of Love And War' was a snapshot of a new band merrily finding their musical feet, pure and simple. Recorded pretty much by capital themselves at home in Eastbourne on a budget of three pence and a bag of crisps the six-track introductory short player didnt even include terrific debut single 'Bright Lights' (released on Label Fandango in August 2008), nor fearsomely fine live finale 'Someone', nor indeed future ace single-in-waiting 'Trespassing'.

What it did include however were a couple of heroic indiesynthrock anthems in the form of lead-off single 'Ruin' and 'Public Square', and a brace of weeping nuggets in 'Hey There' and 'Earphones' (itself some kind of distant cousin of 'Tiny Children' by Teardrop Explodes). Chuck in the sleek disco ball-spinning 'Broken Glass' and the massive pop enigma of 'Easier To Leave' and they had themselves one smart wee short playing release. Planet Of Sound agreed, saying that Days And Nights Of Love And War was ?ìstuffed with ruddy great choruses, vaulting ambition and searing melodrama¬ù, while Q magazine reckoned that capital ?쬶possess a swagger even Brandon Flowers may come to envy.¬ù

capital themselves started the new year in the bestest way possible with a prime slot at the Pandamonium event. They followed that up with support slots with the hearty likes of iliketrains, the Bookhouse Boys, Airborne Toxic Event and I Heart Hiroshima. And they very recently had an abba-solute blast at Camden Crawl and The Great Escape. Next up they are heading north for the cannily asterixed Athlete shows below¦
June 23rd: Newcastle Academy* 2
June 24th: Edinburgh Cabaret Voltaire*
June 25th: Inverness Ironworks*
June 26th: Fort William BA Club*
June 28th: Dundee Fat Sams*
June 29th: Aberdeen Lemon Tree*
June 30th: Glasgow Oran Mor*
July 1st: Liverpool Academy 2*
July 19th: Latitude Festival

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