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Hatcham Get Social At Big New Panda Night Out!!!
posted on 27th March 2009
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Well their Rough Trade instore went swimmingly. Their SXSW excursion was marvellous fun. Their Steve Lamacq Radio One session was a blast. Their Maccabees support slots rolled out very nicely. And their You Dig The Tunnel, Ill Hide The Soil album, just released on fierce panda on March 16th, has been garnering very nice words from Uncut, The Word and Rocksound as well as earning Album Of The Month in Artrocker, 8/10 in NME, 4/5 in Q, a 3-but-it-reads-like-a-4/5 in The Guardian and a super soaraway sizzlingly superlative 10/10 in Vice magazine. So how much more fun could Hatcham Social possibly have with their nicely buttoned cardigans on? Why, by being invited to play fierce pandas brand new monthly indie club night at Londons Scala on Saturday April 4th alongside Jeremy Warmsley and Hot Club de Paris and Lets Wrestle, of course. And seeing as how the night is called Sidewalk and is therefore named after one of their own bloomin songs, how could Hatcham Social possibly refuse? Thats the intro, here is the hardcore Sidewalk info¬¶ A boogie woogieing fierce panda press release The Headline: THE FIERCE PANDA AND COOL FOR CATS RECORD LABELS PRESENTS A BRAND NEW MONTHLY CLUB NIGHT FOR THE YOUNG PEOPLE OF TODAY. The Club Name: SIDEWALK The Place: LONDON KINGS CROSS SCALA (275 Pentonville Road, London N1 9NL 020 7833 2022) The Date: SATURDAY APRIL 4TH 2009 The Actettes: In the fierce panda room: JEREMY WARMSLEY (LIVE) + HOT CLUB DE PARIS (LIVE) + THE MACCABEES (DJ SET) + THE 18 CARAT LOVE AFFAIR (DJ SET) In the Cool For Cats room: HATCHAM SOCIAL (LIVE) + LETS WRESTLE (LIVE) + TARTS ON DECKS (DJ SET) + IS THIS POP (DJ SET) + FABLES (DJ SET) The Glass Bar hosted by: DIRTY BINGO vs LOUD AND QUIET The Doors: 10.00pm ‚ 4.00am The Damage: £10.00 on the door / £8.00 in advance / £6.00 NUS Advance tickets from Scala box office / wegottickets / ticketweb / seetickets The General Gist Of It All: ** To put it politely, fierce panda records has been around the block. Ever ready to get its hair ruffled and its fingernails dirty over the last fifteen years the label has been involved with semi-legendary residencies such as Club Spangle at the Dublin Castle and Club Panda at the Bull & Gate, and has had an eight year license to thrill as one half of the befuddled brains behind Club Fandango. The nippy Cool For Cats label has been similarly active in its short lifespan, filling nights and indeed days at Brixton Windmill, the Old Blue Last and beyond. ** And then, on February 20th 2009, as part of its fifteenth birthday celebrations, fierce panda and its good spin-off friend Cool For Cats Records put on a sold out show by The Walkmen at The Scala. And they had so much fun there they thought theyd do it again. And so here they are with a brand new alternative club night. ** SIDEWALK will be taking place on the first Saturday of each and every month from April 4th 2009. SIDEWALK is so disarmingly cool it is named after a Hatcham Social single that hasnt even been released yet. The SIDEWALK plot will be exceedingly simple: there will be live bands and real life disc jockeys and really quite fine dancing. The main room downstairs will be hosted by fierce panda records and will feature two bands. The smaller second room upstairs will be hostessed by Cool For Cats records and will feature two smaller bands. And a third room, The Glass Bar, will feature different guest DJs each and every month. ** SIDEWALK aims to bring together the rutting, strutting tribes of the capital, basing itself in the centre of town and hauling in the kids from the wild shores of, erm, Shoreditch and out of Camdens, umm, dens of iniquity and crossing the river from New, ooohm, Cross. It will be some kinda gathering. Or, if youre dressed head to toe in black and whistling a S.C.U.M. b-side you might prefer to call it a gothering. ** As befits the exuberant clientele the musical menu will fizz and whizz through the musical genres. Think new wave, old wave, new rave, new grave and just generally riding the indiepop gravy train whilst indulging in a smorgasbord of sonic delights, a feast of leftfield pop meringues, a buffet of berserk indie anthems. Someone might play The Maccabees at some point as well. With any luck, on this opening night it will be The Maccabees themselves. See you down the middle! ?ìalterno sounds for the sonic youth of today¬ù www.fiercepanda.co.uk www.myspace.com/sidewalkscala www.scala-london.co.uk
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