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Von Bondies Come Out To Play!!
posted on 3rd March 2009
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In a faintly berserk but immensely edifying twist to the office A&R plot VON BONDIES have joined the panda party for the release of their third album Love, Hate And Then Theres You. The traumatic twelve tracker will see the light of day on April 13th with a double-headed 7¬ù single, Pale Bride / Earthquake, coming a week late on April 20th. Value for money fans may care to note that the Love, Hate And Then Theres You album will come not only with a catalogue number of NONG 61CD but also fully armed with a free five-track bonus CD for the fierce panda European edition. Garage pop fans may care to read the chopped up PR blurb below for the story about just what the heck Von Bondies have been up to for the past, ooooooooh, five years and to read up on a long awaited handful of UK dates, kicking off at London Kings College on April 23rd. Before all that, heres a bit of Love, Hate And Then Theres You song information:

The Album Tracklisting:
1 This Is Our Perfect Crime; 2 Shut Your Mouth; 3 Pale Bride; 4 Only To Haunt You; 5 21st Birthday; 6 Shes Dead To Me; 7 Chancer; 8 I Dont Wanna; 9 Blame Game; 10 Accidents Will Happen; 11 Earthquake; 12 Modern Saints

The Bonus CD Tracklisting: 1 Oh Honestly; 2 Draggin; 3 No Number Ones; 4 Wake Me Up; 5 Falling In Love

The Von Bondies release their third studio album Love, Hate And Then Theres You on Monday 13h April 2009. It will be followed by the single Pale Bride/ Earthquake on the 20th April. The album will be available on CD & download. The single as a 7¬ù and download.

This deluxe Fierce Panda European release also comes with a bonus CD featuring five new tracks not available elsewhere.

The band, have come a long way since 2004s smash album Pawn Shoppe Heart. Now in their ninth year together, singer-guitarist Jason Stollsteimer and drummer Don Blum, The Von Bondies other founding member, have taken their music to new places while holding on to the core values theyve always embodied.

Love, Hate and Then Theres You picks up from the tighter, more nuanced sound of The Von Bondies huge 2004 hit single Cmon Cmon,. This is The Von Bondies with a renewed sense of purpose. In a sense, says Stollsteimer, ?ìits a new band. You dont want to avoid your history but it is a new direction. It wasnt on purpose. Its just where we were going.¬ù

The roots of The Von Bondies can be traced back to the late 90s”at one point Jason had a band called the Baby Killers”but things really began in earnest when Blum teamed up with Stollsteimer in 1999. The Von Bondies were born in 2000, and the first album, Lack of Communication, came the following year. Raw and Rare, a collection of live BBC recordings, followed in 2003, then Pawn Shoppe Heart.

Shortly before the albums release, The Von Bondies will return to the UK for a series of dates. They are as follows:

April Thu 23rd Kings College London £12
Sat 25th O2 Academy Birmingham £10
Sun 26th King Tut's Wah Wah Hut Glasgow £10
Mon 27th The Ruby Lounge Manchester £10

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