The Crookes Arts Club
Liverpool, UK
The Crookes
Tuesday 25th November
Hatcham Social Band On The Wall
Manchester, UK
Hatcham Social
with Cold Specks
Wednesday 1st October
The Hosts Birdcage
Norwich, UK
The Hosts
"Sound & Vision"
with Longfellow + Desperate Journalist + Tape Runs Out
Friday 10th October
The Crookes Bunkhouse
Las Vegas, USA
The Crookes
Friday 3rd October
Felt Tip Corsica Studios
London, UK
Felt Tip
with Coves
Thursday 13th November
The Crookes Electric Ballroom
Scottsdale, USA
The Crookes
Tuesday 14th October
Felt Tip Hare & Hounds
Birmingham, UK
Felt Tip
with Coves
Friday 14th November
Woodpigeon Holy Oak
Toronto, Can
with Sandro Perri
Sunday 12th October
The Crookes Jericho
Oxford, UK
The Crookes
Sunday 23rd November
Longfellow Lexington
King's Cross, UK
Thursday 6th November
Felt Tip Louisiana
Bristol, UK
Felt Tip
with Coves
Thursday 20th November
The Crookes Mohawk
Austin, USA
The Crookes
Friday 17th October
Felt Tip Nation Of Shopkeepers
Leeds, UK
Felt Tip
with Coves
Wednesday 19th November
Felt Tip Nice'N'Sleazys
Glasgow, Scotland
Felt Tip
with Coves
Saturday 15th November
Felt Tip Notting Hill Arts Club
London, UK
Felt Tip
Sunday 2nd November
Felt Tip Queen Of Hoxton
Hoxton , UK
Felt Tip
"Cat lovers club"
Saturday 25th October
The Crookes Rickshaw Stop
San Fransisco, USA
The Crookes
Thursday 9th October
The Crookes Rough Trade
Brooklyn, USA
The Crookes
"CMJ Music Marathon"
Tuesday 21st October
The Crookes Sound Control
Manchester, UK
The Crookes
Thursday 27th November
The Crookes TBD Festival
Sacramento , USA
The Crookes
Sunday 5th October
Felt Tip The Castle
Manchester, UK
Felt Tip
with Coves
Tuesday 18th November
The Crookes The Catalyst Atrium
Santa Cruz, USA
The Crookes
Tuesday 7th October
The Crookes The Ferret
Preston, UK
The Crookes
Monday 24th November
The Crookes The Foundry
Dallas, USA
The Crookes
Saturday 18th October
Felt Tip The Hope
Brighton, UK
Felt Tip
with Coves
Friday 21st November
The Crookes The Satellite
Los Angeles, USA
The Crookes
Saturday 11th October
Woodpigeon Unplugged In Monti
Rome, Ita
with Stanley Brinks
Wednesday 1st October
The Crookes Victoria Inn
Derby, UK
The Crookes
Sunday 30th November
The Crookes Voodoo Room
San Diego, USA
The Crookes
Wednesday 12th November
The Crookes Wardrobe
Leeds, UK
The Crookes
Friday 28th November
The Crookes Waterfront Studio
Norwich, UK
The Crookes
Wednesday 26th November
The Crookes Westgarth 2
Middlesbrough, UK
The Crookes
Saturday 29th November
Lust Lust Lust - Lust Lust Lust The Raveonettes
"Lust Lust Lust"
You & Me - You & Me The Walkmen
"You & Me"
Decade: Ten Years of Fierce panda - Decade: Ten Years of Fierce panda Various
"Decade: Ten Years of Fierce panda"
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